Get involved

As an Apache project, Apache EasyAnt™ is very open to external contributions.

There are many ways to contribute to Apache EasyAnt.

First, Download and use it, subscribe to the Mailing lists, and answer other user questions. You can also browse jira issues, vote for the ones you are most interested in, and add your comments and feedback.

When you browse the documentation, whenever you see something that could be improved, feel free to edit it and provide a documentation patch. It's very easy if you browse the documentation offline (in the doc directory if you check out Apache EasyAnt from svn), you will see a small toolbar at the upper right of the page, which allows you to edit the page. Then all you have to do is attach your modification as a patch to a new issue in JIRA.
If you are interested in contributing documentation, read this page.

You can also provide brand new documentation pages, tutorials, demos, or even links to a tutorial on your own blog.

Another useful way to contribute is to spread the word: if you like Apache EasyAnt, say it! On your blog, on other blog comments, on popular java related sites, wherever. The more popular Apache EasyAnt becomes, the more it will get external contributions, and the better it will be, for the benefit of the whole community.

When you get more confident with Apache EasyAnt, you can check it out from svn, and begin to see if there are issues you could fix or implement, and provide patches to allow the whole community to benefit from your work.

When you provide a patch, to increase the chance to get integrated, do not forget to provide a junit test, and a patch to the documentation if it changes anything in Apache EasyAnt's behaviour.

And if you provide patches often, or answer many of the mailing list questions, you may get the chance to become a commiter, with write access to the svn repository!