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Overview of Apache Avalon
Avalon Central houses our documentation, tutorials, and a number of resources which allow the Avalon community to run smoothly.
Avalon Products includes:

Merlin Runtime forms the core of the Avalon Platform and provides an IoC container for service and component management.
Merlin Discovery aims to provide a complete service delivery infrastructure.
Avalon Repository is a Java API and bootstrap platform for dynamic artifact loading, classloader chain creation, and generic application bootstrapping using local and remote resource repositories.
Avalon Tools comprises a collection of tools for building and developing with the Avalon platform.
Avalon Magic is a build system based on Apache Ant. It provides a project model abstraction layer enabling centralized version and dependency management (similar to Maven), build task automation, and dynamic plugin management.
Avalon Studio is a set of Eclipse plugins for Avalon component development.
Avalon Planet houses our component libraries and container extensions:

Avalon Components is a collection of basic reusable components which includes the original Cornerstone component library.
Avalon Facilities are Merlin container extensions which add special functionality like JMX, HTTP, JMS, and RMI support.

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