Contribute Patches

The Clerezza codebase as well as the documentation and webiste grow patch by patch, every patch is associated to an issue. Patches can be added to trunk either following a Rewiev-Then-Commit or a Commit-Then-Review process. If you're not (yet) a committer you should attach your patch to an issue and then either:

  • Ask for a vote on the mailing list, if your patch gets 3 +1 votes and no -1 vote it is accepted and will be applied to trunk
  • Wait for a committer to take care of the issue, like your patch and apply it to trunk
Once the patch is applied to trunk the issue is marked as closed. If your patch has been applied without prior vote during the 72h following closing of the issue the patch can be vetoed with a -1 vote or a committer can ask for an explicit vote (as opposed to lazy consensus) in this case the code modification needs 3 +1 votes in the subsequent 72h period or it will be removed.

Coding Guidelines

A draft for coding guidelines is attached to issue CLEREZZA-435. A quick summary: CamelCase and use tabs for indentation.