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The direct or indirect parent of all Apache Clerezza artifacts Nov 09, 2019
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Apache Clerezza API implements the RDF data model as defined by Feb 01, 2020
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This partial release consists of two modules: api-implementation (implements Apache Clerezza API) and ontologies (contain ontology classes) Feb 10, 2020
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This partial release consists of three modules: representation, sparql, and test.utils. The representation module provides for functionality to parse and serialize RDF Graphs. The sparql module models SPARQL query and update. The test.utils module contains utilities to test Apache Clerezza API implementation. Apr 23, 2020
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Interfaces and utilities to access RDF Graphs May 13, 2020
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Utility classes to work with Apache Clerezza API Jul 11, 2020
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JAX-RS MessageBodyProviders for RDF Oct 22, 2020

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