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Apache Cocoon 2.1.11 Released

Apache Cocoon 2.1.11 Released

  The Apache Cocoon Community is proud to announce the new release

  of Apache Cocoon.

  Apache Cocoon is a web development framework built around the concept

  of separation of concerns (that is: allowing people to do their job

  without having to step on each other toes) and component-oriented web


  The latest version is downloadable from


  (Please use the mirrors to download the release - it might take

  a little bit more time until the latest release is available on

  all mirrors, so give the mirrors some time - approx. 24h to update.)

  This release includes many bug fixes and smaller enhancements.

  For more information about Apache Cocoon 2.1.10, please go to

  http://cocoon.apache.org. You'll find the whole list of changes at


The Apache Cocoon Project

For more information about Apache Cocoon 2.1.11, please go to

Changes with Apache Cocoon 2.1.11

*) Created XPathXMLFileModule to address issus with XMLFileModule. XPathXMLFileModule supports variable 
replacement and caching of documents in ehcache and expressions as soft references. [RG]

*) Forms: Allow Ajax submission of forms with empty upload field. [AG]

*) Portal: New SiteProfileManager providing the same profile to several users based on a configured key. [CZ]

*) Portal: Some memory consumption improvements for the user profiles. [CZ]

*) Core: Update xalan to 2.7.1. [AG]

*) Sitemap: Redirect to cocoon:/foo did not work in sub-sitemap when it is in same directory as the root sitemap. [AN]

*) Core: Update xercesImpl to 2.9.1. [AG]

*) Event Cache Block: Restore serializability of persistent cache when using event-aware cache. [JH]

*) Mail Block: Fix setting of URL message body. [VG]

*) <map:serialize status-code="{}"/> supports variable resolution. [JH]

*) XMLDB Block: Fix collection URLs in XMLDBSource. Fixes URL resolution and 'Mount DB' sample. [VG]

*) XMLDB Block: Update Xindice to 1.1 release. [VG]

*) POI Block: Color string normalization. [AG]

*) build.sh: Allow for quoted shell arguments containing spaces. [AN]

*) CForms: Handling of empty responses in AJAX Forms with IFrame transport. [AG]

*) Ajax: ajax/common.js makes use of deprecated dojo.animation.Timer [AG]

*) XSP block: Upgrade Eclipse compiler to version 3.1.0 to allow the use of Java5 syntax in XSPs.
(Latest released Eclipse version is 3.2.2 but use 3.1.0 to be consistent with the version picked up by the Maven build in trunk). [AN]

*) Core, QDox: Fixed getInputStream() in XModuleSource and QDoxSource: Set up XMLSerializer in a component way, i.e. retrieve it from ServiceManager. [JH]

*) Dojo toolkit upgraded to 0.4.3 version. It contains fix for security bug. See http://dojotoolkit.org/releaseNotes/0.4.3. [GK]

*) I18n (ParamSaxBuffer): when substitution params like {0} are split over multiple character events, do not write out extra garbage characters. [JJ]

*) Portal: Marked PreparePortalAction, CopletSetDataAction, and ObjectModelAction ThreadSafe [RG]

*) Core: Update log4j to 1.2.14, commons-io to 1.3.1, commons-lang to 2.3 and jakarta-regexp to 1.5. [AG]

*) CForms: MultivalueEditorWithSuggestion doesn't add values to the listbox on Internet Explorer. [AG]

*) CForms: Submit widget now inherits validate attribute value from the ancestor widget, if it is specified. [VG]

*) Serializers block: Correctly handle content of script and style tag as cdata for html. [CZ]

*) CForms: MultivalueEditorWithSuggestion, extended multivalueeditor widget with suggestion list. [AG]

*) CForms: CFormsSuggest widget does not implement the onValueChanged event. [AG]

*) Core: EHCache now uses the configured cache directory instead of using the default of java.io.tempdir. [CZ]

*) Core: Update ehcache to 1.2.3. [CZ]

*) Template block: Add missing toString implementation to TemplateObjectModelHelper.ParametersMap. [CZ]

*) Portal block: CocoonPortlet needs to allow overriding servlet-path parameter with preferences. [CZ]

*) CForms: Fix "Serialization parameter {indent} must have the value yes or no" error in Form.prototype.saveXML() when using Saxon. [JJ]

*) Core: Exipres caching pipeline can now cache the content forever (by setting cache-expires to a negative value). [CZ]

*) Core: In store janitor, add an option to cleanup all stores on each janitor run. Default behavior is to cleanup one store at a time. [VG]

*) Core: Fix deadlock in caching pipeline when used in combination with include transformer. [AN]

*) CForms: introduce a new dojo-based popup-picker for dates, times and datetimes. 
For correct localization, supply a "dojo-locale" parameter to the forms styling XSLT (see samples). [BRD]

*) CForms: add support for a "timeStyle" attribute on the formatting date convertor, 
so that the time style can (optionally) be specified independently from the date style. [BRD]

*) Portal block: Fix truncation of included portlets in html include serializer. [CZ]

*) Auth block: Fix checking of double logins for the same security handler. [CZ]

*) HSQLDB block: Fix startup problems with newer HSQLDB versions and upgrade to [CZ]

*) Core: Check for reloading of javascript files loaded by cocoon.load(). [CZ]

*) Forms block: Add method to create binding from DOM tree. [JH]

*) Core: Fix threading issue with internal cache in ResourceReader. [JH]

*) POI Block: Prevent NPE in ElementProcessorSerializer on characters before first startElement. [JH]

*) Updating Dojo to 0.4.1. use namespaces for loading widgets cleanup of client-side libraries into
cocoon.forms.common deprecation and replacement of functions in forms_lib.js cocoon.js CFormsForm.js
all cforms forms now use a dojo widget (forms:SimpleForm or forms:AjaxForm) [JQ]

*) Portal Block: Applied and improved patch for reloading bookmarks based on their (file) validity. [CZ]

*) Portal Block: Fix handling of missing special parameters for forms in NewEventLinkTransformer. [CZ]

*) Auth Block: Make isUserInRole a static method. [CZ]

*) Fixes to forms and ajax samples. [JQ]