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This is a list of live sites proudly powered by Apache Cocoon.

Cocoon 2.1.6

Polska Strefa

Date added: 2005-10-24

Polish website with classified ads.

URL: http://www.classifieds.pl
Contact: goliatus AT polzone.nl

Additional information

How much time did it take to build the site from design to publication?

2 months, but it is still under developement. New important improvements are still pending.

How much traffic does this site handle?

About 40.000 sessions each day.

What made you choose Cocoon to build the site?
  1. Java
  2. XML
What other information do you want to disclose (e.g. how does it work, how did you build it, what parts of Cocoon did you use)?
didn't use Flow, CForms, Portal Framework, SQLTransformer or Database Actions etc. It is based on my own Actions, Generators, Readers. Cron Scheduler is an important part there. I decided to use PostgreSQL as database engine.

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