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Apache Cocoon 3.0.0-alpha-1 Released

The Apache Cocoon 3 team is pleased to announce the Apache Cocoon 3.0.0-alpha-3 release!

Apache Cocoon 3 is a major rewrite of Cocoon 2.2. Like Cocoon 2 it is
based around the concept of pipelines and sitemaps and it is very
similar to Cocoon 2.2 in many respects but is slimed down and designed
to be easily used with Java code (= no frameworks required!). On top
of this, Cocoon 3 has the goal of becoming the best available platform
for RESTful webservices and web applications.

Changes in this version include:

New features:
o [cocoon-sax] Added the SAX Pipeline DSL
o [cocoon-pipeline] Added the Pipeline DSL
o [cocoon-rest] Add the interface o.a.c.rest.controller.method.ConditionalGet. It requires the implementation of 
        the method #constructCacheKey() which returns a o.a.c.pipeline.caching.CacheKey.
        This cache key is used to support conditional GET requests based on the ETag header.
o [cocoon-servlet] Add the method 'emulatedMethod()' to the request object. It supports the RubyOnRails way of 
        sending an alternative HTTP method to the server in cases where only GET and POST work reliably.
        The method returns either the value of the request parameter '_method' or if not available, the actually
        used HTTP method. In future versions of Cocoon this behavior might become the default behavior of Cocoon.

Fixed Bugs:
o [cocoon-sax] The org.apache.cocoon.optional.pipeline.components.sax.jaxb.JAXBGenerator is incomplete.  Issue: COCOON3-58.
o [cocoon-sax] Add the LogAsXMLTransformer, prints out the complete XML document; useful for debugging.  Issue: COCOON3-57.
o [cocoon-sax][cocoon-sitemap] The LinkRewriter Transformer needs to be integrated in the sitemap.  Issue: COCOON3-56.
o [cocoon-sax][cocoon-sitemap] The XInclude Transformer needs to be integrated in the sitemap.  Issue: COCOON3-55.
o [cocoon-sax] Added the LinkRewriterTransformer component.  Issue: COCOON3-54.
o [cocoon-pipeline] XMLSerializer caches all.  Issue: COCOON3-53.
o [cocoon-sax] XMLSerializer setup method resets output method to xml.  Issue: COCOON3-52.
o [cocoon-sax] XIncludeTransformer was sending extra startDocument and endDocument events.  Issue: COCOON3-51.
o [cocoon-sax] SAXException related to endPrefixMapping in XIncludeTransformer.  Issue: COCOON3-50.
o [cocoon-stringtemplate] Upgrade to latest version of StringTemplate.  Issue: COCOON3-44.
o [cocoon-pipeline] Add the timestamp value to the TimestampCacheKey hashcode.

o [cocoon-sax] XSLTTransformer and SchemaProcessorTransformer created resources have been cached.
o [cocoon-controller] The o.a.c.controller.SpringControllerComponent became a CachingPipelineComponent.
        For that purpose the controller invocation was separated into a setup and an execution phase. 
        If the controller provides  a cache key after the setup, this is returned by the SpringControllerComponent 
        and the pipeline that embeds the controllers becomes cacheable.
o [all] Upgrade to cocoon-jnet-1.2.0
o [all] Upgrade all modules that have a dependency on Spring version 3.0.5.RELEASE