2015/07/20 - Apache Deltacloud has been retired.

For more information, please explore the Attic.

Working with Deltacloud Ruby Client

Each type of a resource has an associated model. Where resource refers to other resources, natural navigation across the object model is possible. For example:

puts instance.image.name
puts instance.hardware_profile.architecture

Listing realms

Retrieve a complete list of realms available to you:

realm = client.realms

You can access a specific realm by adding its identifier:

realm = client.realm( 'us' )

Listing hardware profiles

Display a complete list of hardware profiles available for launching machines:

hwp = client.hardware_profiles

You can filter hardware profiles by architecture.

hardware_profiles = client.hardware_profiles( :architecture=>'x86_64' )

Retrieve a specific hardware profile by its identifier:

hardware_profile = client.hardware_profile( 'm1-small' )

Listing images

Return a complete list of images:

images = client.images

Retrieve a list of images owned by the currently authenticated user:

images = client.images( :owner_id=>:self )

You can also retrieve a list of images visible to you but owned by a specific user:

images = client.images( :owner_id=>'daryll' )

Access a specific image by its identifier:

image = client.image( 'ami-8675309' )

Listing instances

Get a list of all instances visible to you:

instances = client.instances

Retrieve a list of all running instances:

instances = client.instances( :state =>:running )

Look up the first instance in the list:

instance = client.instances.first

Find a specific instance by its identifier:

instance = client.instance( 'i-90125' )

Launching instances

Launch an instance using an image identifier:

instance = client.create_instance(image_id)

You may specify a hardware profile:

instance = client.create_instance(image_id, :hwp_id => 'm1-small')

To create new instance, you can also use the 'user_name' feature:

instance = client.create_instance(image_id, :name => 'myinst1')

Manipulating instances

Start an instance:


Execute the 'reboot' operation:


Destroy an instance:


For more details on Deltacloud Ruby client see the full documentation.