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Examples Built-With-Forrest

These are some of the sites that were created using Apache Forrest technology.

If you want your site added to the list, then please send a request to the mailing lists or to the Issue tracker. Tell us the URL, Name, and catch-phrase.

Skinned Sites

These sites use the skinning system that was part of all releases up to and including 0.7 release. This system is expected to be deprecated soon in favour of a more flexible system called Dispatcher. See the next section for some examples of such sites.

Sites using upcoming Dispatcher

The skinning system in versions of Forrest up to and including 0.7 was great, however, it proved to be too inflexible. Soon we will have brand new system called Dispatcher. The following sites are examples.

The Dispatcher is still in development. Please only use them if you know what you are doing. We expect to include them in an upcoming release at which point we will be encouraging their use.