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Thanks from Apache Forrest

The Apache Forrest project gives thanks ...

General thanks

The Apache Software Foundation (ASF) provides an excellent home for our community. See also the ASF thanks page and the ASF sponsors page. Without your support The Apache Software Foundation would not be here for us all.

The individual developers who participate via the dev mailing list.

Our committers and Project Management Committee.

Our users. See some of their example sites.

Packaged software attribution

Various products are packaged with the Apache Forrest distribution. These products use a license that is compatible with the Apache License. Most products do not require specific attribution, but some do request that. See the NOTICE.txt and LICENSE.txt files in the distribution.

Supporting software attribution

Developers use various tools to assist with their work, such as xml editors and IDEs such as IntelliJ IDEA or Eclipse. Most tools do not require attribution, but some do (YourKit Java Profiler).