We're working hard to build a community of users and developers around Giraph. As part of that outreach, we're giving presentations and talks to help bring people up to speed.
  • Claudio Martella presented Giraph at the Hadoop Summit 2014 in Amsterdam. Slides are here.
  • Roman Shaposhnik presented Giraph at the ApacheCON 2014. Slides are here.
  • Paolo Castagna gave a talk about Giraph at Oracle Big Data Meetup in London 2014. Go to meetup ...
  • Claudio Martella gave a talk about Giraph at FOSDEM 2012. Watch part 1 and part 2. The presentation slides can be found here.
  • André Kelpe presented an overview of the Giraph project at the Belgian Big Data group. Slides are here.
  • Jakob Homan talked about Giraph at 2012 Berlin Buzzwords. Slides are available here.
  • Sebastian Schelter gave a talk about Giraph at the GameDuell Tech-talk Berlin, in May 2012. Slides are here.
  • Sebastian Schelter introduced Giraph at Berlin's Hadoop Get-Together, in April 2012. Slides are available here, video is here.
  • Avery Ching introduced Giraph at Hadoop Summit 2011. Watch the video.