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Bulk Contribution Checklist

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        The Apache Software Foundation
           Apache Harmony Project
        Bulk Contribution Checklist
               v 1.1 20051114

The Apache Harmony project is dedicated to producing a codebase that 
has clear IP pedigree and protects the IP rights of others.  As part 
of this effort, we ask the following questions of all contributions
of software that has been created outside of the project.  Our goal is
to provide clear and consistent oversight of the project codebase, as 
well as encourage our contributors to carefully examine their 
contributions before bringing to the project.

Please Note : This document and your answers are considered public
information, and shall be part of the Apache Harmony project public 

Part I :  Identification

   Please provide the following information

      Name : ___________________________________________
    E-mail : ___________________________________________

    Mailing address :

    Employer :  ___________________________________________

Part II : Description

    Please describe the contribution :

Part III :  Statement of Origination

a) Have you personally written all of the code or other material
   that you are intending to contribute to this project, and if so,
   are you an Authorized Contributor for all parts of the contribution?

  [ ] Yes
  [ ] No

  If "yes", you're done with Part III, skip to Part IV
  If "no" please continue with the rest of Part III

b) Have you verified the development history of the code to
   identify ALL of the authors?

   Please list the other authors:

c) Do you have a written agreement with all of the authors that
   either gives you ownership of the material or otherwise provides
   you sufficient rights to submit this material to the project
   on their behalf.

   Please provide the details of this agreement:

d) Are all of the authors Authorized Contributors for the part of
   the contribution written/created by each author?

  [ ] Yes ? if "yes", you're done with Part III, skip to Part IV.
  [ ] No ? if "no", please continue with the rest of part III

e) Was the code written prior to May 2005 (when the Harmony Project
   was initiated)?

  [ ] Yes
  [ ] No

  (i)  If No, you must provide Authorized Contributor Questionnaires  
       for the authors of the code created after May 2005 such that 
       those authors  are classified as Authorized Contributors for 
       the portions of the contribution  written by them
       after May 2005.

f) Did any of the authors of the code have access to third  
   party implementations of similar technology while developing the  

  [ ] Yes
  [ ] No

  If "yes", please give details below :

g) Was the code developed in accordance with a  development  
   process which was designed to prevent unauthorized inclusion 
   of third party  intellectual property rights into the code?  
   (e.g., does the process require that developers not have 
   concurrent access to third party implementations of similar 
   technology during development?)

  [ ] Yes
  [ ] No

  If "no", the code isn't eligible for the Harmony Project.

  If "yes", please provide short description of the process,  
  focusing on protections related to third party intellectual 
  property :

Note : The Apache Harmony project generally performs additional 
scans of it's codebase, including bulk contributions, to help 
confirm code pedigree.  Prior to submitting any contribution,
we strongly encourage you to verify that the contribution is
acceptable.  Please see  http://harmony.apache.org/code_scan_tools.html
for more information.

Part IV : Checklist

  [ ] Contribution is licensed under the Apache License v2.0

  [ ] Software Grant or Corporate Contributor License Agreement and Software
      Grant executed and submitted

 Signature : ___________________________________________
Print Name : ___________________________________________
      Date : ___________________________________________

v1.1  20051114

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