Apache Harmony is retired at the Apache Software Foundation since Nov 16, 2011.

The information on these pages may be out of date, or may refer to resources that have moved or have been made read-only.
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Apache Harmony Code Scanning Tools

The Apache Harmony project is dedicated to producing a codebase that has clear IP pedigree and protects the IP rights of others. As part of this effort, we are developing and using tools that help us examine code in a more efficient way. Below are some tools that we either have created, or are listing to provide awareness. The Apache Harmony project or the ASF does not endorse or promote any of these tools, projects or commercial organizations, and does not make any claims as to suitability, accuracy or dependability.

Apache Harmony Keyword Scanner

Keyword scanning is a simple technique to find "the code you never knew you had." By searching for a set of well chosen keywords (like "copyright", "license" etc), you can discover code that may not be redistributable (you have the license to use by not re-distribute or re-license), or that you didn't want to contribute.

The Apache Harmony Keyword Scanner is a new contribution that can be found here:


We welcome any feedback and further contributions to this or other code-provenance utilities and tools.

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