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DRLVM Source Code Generated Documentation Index

This is a landing page for Doxygen source code reference generated automatically from interface headers. Each link should lead to a documentation bundle generated from a component-related set of header files. The purpose of these documents is to provide a complete reference of available code in DRLVM interfaces. Because the code base is being actively developed, not all interfaces are well-documented at this point, so that you can find some interfaces not documented. Everyone's welcome to contribute to this initiative.

The documentation bundles were generated automatically and posted on the site server. You can regenerate the docs from your source files locally, as described in section Regenerating the Reference.

Doxygen API Reference for DRLVM Sources

This is a list of links to generated source code documentation bundles.

Other Useful DRLVM documents

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Regenerating the Reference

You can locally regenerate reference materials analogous to those posted on the website. This can be especially useful when writing comments to your code: parsing the newly added comments with Doxygen is an ideal test. To avoid parsing the whole source tree, you can adjust the list of files to include into a specific documentation bundle or configure Doxygen to produce a different output, see section Advanced Tasks.

Follow these instructions to regenerate the Doxygen reference documentation locally:

  1. Check out the source code tree. Run svn update to make sure you have the latest version of doc-generation support files.
  2. Go to the directory trunk/drlvm/vm/doc and run:
    $ ant

That's it! You should get the Doxygen docs in a set of subdirectories in doc.
Use the DoxygenStart.html file as your starting point.

Advanced Tasks

Generation of Doxygen reference is adjusted by the following files located in trunk/vm/doc:

Defines the input files included in each bundle. Edit the file per source tree changes. You can also create a new target in this file to include your customized set of files. In this case, remember to add corresponding clean and create targets into build.xml.
Lists all doc build targets. When called, ant deletes all previously generated content (if any) and creates new directories for each bundle and places documentation there in the html subfolder. That location also contains the log.txt file with the list of errors and warnings produced by Doxygen. Use the log to track progress with commenting.
Is a copy of classlib configuration files and defines formatting and other output properties for Doxygen. Modify this file to get a different output format, adjust the header and footer in resulting docs, edit the parsing conditions, etc.


The file vm.cfg now depends on the css and other support files located in the classlib trunk. To parse DRLVM sources with Doxygen, you also need to have class library sources checked out.

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