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API Changes in Apache HTTP Server 2.6 since 2.4

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This document describes changes to the Apache HTTPD API from version 2.4 to 2.6, that may be of interest to module/application developers and core hacks. As of the first GA release of the 2.6 branch API compatibility is preserved for the life of the 2.6 branch. (The VERSIONING description for the 2.6 release provides more information about API compatibility.)

API changes fall into two categories: APIs that are altogether new, and existing APIs that are expanded or changed. The latter are further divided into those where all changes are backwards-compatible (so existing modules can ignore them), and those that might require attention by maintainers. As with the transition from HTTPD 2.2 to 2.4, existing modules and applications will require recompiling and may call for some attention, but most should not require any substantial updating (although some may be able to take advantage of API changes to offer significant improvements).

For the purpose of this document, the API is split according to the public header files. These headers are themselves the reference documentation, and can be used to generate a browsable HTML reference with make docs.

See also


Changed APIs

ap_fill_me_in (NEW!)

Introduces a new API to fill me in.

http_request (changed)

mod_auth (changed)

Adds an additional provider framework for autht - token authentication.


Specific information on upgrading modules from 2.4

Fill me in

In order to take advantage of fill me in.

If your module uses these existing APIs...

ap_md5digest() / ap_md5contextTo64
These functions are no longer available. Use the equivalent functions from APR if needed.

If your module interfaces with this feature...

Optional: If your module fills me in.

Does your module...

Fill me in
Consider if filling me in.

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