Release Notes - Apache MRQL 0.9.2-incubating

New Features

  • [MRQL-23] Add support for Yarn
  • [MRQL-29] Support for Spark 0.9.0


  • [MRQL-22] The compiler must load the hadoop core lib before compilation
  • [MRQL-28] Fixed dumping of HDFS sequence file in Spark mode
  • [MRQL-31] Broken hyperlink in website
  • [MRQL-33] Fix various bugs in iteration queries
  • [MRQL-36] Fix evaluation errors during Junit testing


  • [MRQL-21] Modify shell scripts to work on Mac OS
  • [MRQL-24] Improve Serializable methods for Spark
  • [MRQL-25] Changed Translator/Evaluator interface to improve Spark efficiency
  • [MRQL-26] Support for Spark 0.8.1
  • [MRQL-27] Improve the build process and support hadoop 0.20.x
  • [MRQL-30] Improved run scripts and support for Spark on YARN
  • [MRQL-32] Refactoring directory structure for Eclipse
  • [MRQL-34] Introduce junit for testing
  • [MRQL-37] Support installation on a Cloudera CDH distribution
  • [MRQL-38] Support for Spark 1.0.0


  • [MRQL-39] Prepare for 0.9.2 release