Release Notes - Apache MRQL 0.9.4-incubating

New Features

  • [MRQL-45] Add support for Apache Flink
  • [MRQL-49] Add Flink support info on the project web site
  • [MRQL-63] Add support for MRQL streaming in spark streaming mode


  • [MRQL-41] Post-release improvements
  • [MRQL-42] Fix bug in XML projections
  • [MRQL-44] Fix the map-reduce join for a complex reducer on map-reduce mode
  • [MRQL-46] MRQL does not build with Java 8
  • [MRQL-47] Fix various bugs for the Flink evaluation mode
  • [MRQL-48] Fix global variable bindings in Spark and Flink modes
  • [MRQL-50] Fix result dumping to a text file in Flink mode
  • [MRQL-51] Support for Spark 1.1.0
  • [MRQL-52] Fix Flink evaluation mode to pass all Junit tests
  • [MRQL-53] Fix processing of directories of text files in MapReduce mode
  • [MRQL-58] Fix config file and shell run scripts to support multiple HDFS users
  • [MRQL-60] Fix building dependencies for hadoop 1.x
  • [MRQL-61] Fix bug on select over union queries
  • [MRQL-62] Fix Map-Reduce mode on MultipleInput sources
  • [MRQL-67] Fix maven build errors for JDK 1.8


  • [MRQL-43] Add support for tracing
  • [MRQL-54] Adjust the split size of a map-reduce input file based on the number of requested nodes
  • [MRQL-55] Add support for Hadoop Sequence input format in flink mode
  • [MRQL-56] Improve total aggregations and repetitions with shared results in Flink mode
  • [MRQL-57] Make floating-point literals to be double instead of float


  • [MRQL-64] Prepare for 0.9.4 release