Apache Provisionr

Quick introduction

Provisionr is an effort to develop a service that can be used to create and manage pools of virtual machines on multiple clouds. Our focus is on semi-automated workflows, cloud portability and on providing a robust foundation for configuration and higher level management.


Provisionr solves the problem of cloud portability by hiding completely the APIs and only focusing on building a cluster that matches the same set of assumptions on all clouds, assumptions like: a specific OS, pre-installed packages and binaries, sane dns settings, ssh & vpn access etc. - think a solid foundation for configuration.

As a secondary goal Provisionr will also provide primitives for building automatic or semi-automatic workflows for configuring and monitoring services, workflows that assume that all the machines share a common set of characteristics as described above.

Apache Provisionr (incubating) - Bucharest JUG 10
from Andrei Savu


Apache Provisionr is an effort undergoing incubation at The Apache Software Foundation (ASF) sponsored by the Apache Incubator PMC. Incubation is required of all newly accepted projects until a further review indicates that the infrastructure, communications, and decision making process have stabilized in a manner consistent with other successful ASF projects. While incubation status is not necessarily a reflection of the completeness or stability of the code, it does indicate that the project has yet to be fully endorsed by the ASF.