Cube module allows to push counters and gauges to a Square Cube instance (see Cube github wiki).

Configuration = org.apache.sirona.cube.CubeDataStore org.apache.sirona.cube.period = 100 org.apache.sirona.cube.CubeBuilder.collector = http://localhost:1234/collector/1.0/event/put * org.apache.sirona.cube.CubeBuilder.collector: the cube event collector address (http://xxx:1234/collector/1.0/event/put for instance) * org.apache.sirona.cube.CubeBuilder.proxyHost: optionally a proxy host * org.apache.sirona.cube.CubeBuilder.proxyPort: optionally a proxy port

For instance your can look like:

org.apache.sirona.cube.CubeBuilder.collector = http://localhost:1234/collector/1.0/event/put


To push metrics (Gauges + Counters) to Cube you can use the dedicated DataStore: org.apache.sirona.cube.CubeDataStore.

Simply add to the line: = org.apache.sirona.cube.CubeDataStore


You can also configure the period used to flush counters values:

  • org.apache.sirona.cube.period: which period to use to push counters data to Cube (default to 1mn).

Limitations (ATM)

When using CubeDataStore you cannot retrieve locally gauges values (you are expected to use Cube for it).