Graphite module allows to push counters and gauges to a graphite instance.


  • org.apache.sirona.graphite.GraphiteBuilder.address: the graphite instance host/IP
  • org.apache.sirona.graphite.GraphiteBuilder.port: the graphite instance port
  • org.apache.sirona.graphite.GraphiteBuilder.charset: the charset to use with this Graphite instance

For instance your can look like:

org.apache.sirona.graphite.GraphiteBuilder.address = localhost
org.apache.sirona.graphite.GraphiteBuilder.port = 1234


To push metrics (Gauges + Counters) to Graphite you can use the dedicated DataStore: org.apache.sirona.graphite.GraphiteDataStore.

Simply add to the line: = org.apache.sirona.graphite.GraphiteDataStore


You can also configure the period used to flush counters values:

  • org.apache.sirona.graphite.period: which period to use to push counters data to Graphite (default to 1mn).


When using GraphiteDataStore you cannot retrieve locally gauges values (you are expected to use Graphite for it).