Be able to monitor an hazelcast cluster.


First you need to define a list of cluster:

org.apache.sirona.hazelcast.clusters = cluster1, cluster2

For each cluster you can define if you want sirona to contact the cluster as a client or a member (client is recommanded):

org.apache.sirona.hazelcast.cluster1.client = true
org.apache.sirona.hazelcast.cluster2.client = false

Note: next lines explain how to configure a hazelcast client in sirona.properties but since sirona reuses Xml*Builder of hazelcast having a hazelcast config file is enough too.

If a client you can configure it this way:

org.apache.sirona.hazelcast.cluster1.addresses = ....
org.apache.sirona.hazelcast.cluster1.credentials = user:password

For a member you just need to add a hazelcast.xml in the classloader of sirona hazelcast agent.

Note: in push mode you can configure gauge period through org.apache.sirona.hazelcast.gauge.members.period property.


Sirona hazelcast agent will maintain a gauge representing the member number in a list of clusters.