JAX-RS module is comparable to Web performance monitoring excepted it uses JAX-RS mapping instead of raw request url.

For instance you’ll get as counter name /user/{name} instead of /user/apache.


JAXRS integration comes with two main flavors: jaxrs2 and cxf.

The first one targets recent implementations and 100% relies on the specification. The second one is specific to cxf (it targets mainly cxf 2.6.x but should work with more recent releases). This is mainly for JAX-RS 1.0 servers.


Just add the org.apache.sirona.agent.jaxrs.jaxrs2.SironaFeature to your configuration.

CXF 2.6

Just add the provider org.apache.sirona.agent.jaxrs.cxf.CxfJaxRsPerformanceHandler.