Keep on going with Maven 2.0 as it really rocks! Yesterday, I started experimenting with it and it's such a breeze, I'm becoming already productive with Maven, converting our hand-written Ant scripts to POM (which means throwing most of the Ant stuff away and replacing it with tiny pom.xml files, actually). We have a web application consisting of many components which need to be configured for different environments and customers. After one day of work (including the learning curve) I already have the complete code base with >1000 java files in ~20 modules compiling.

An hour ago or so after I finally got the Castor stuff working I began to see just how marvellous Maven works with my multi-module project. Seems you guys are able to keep the promises you make in the Maven introduction. :-)

Once again, thanks for creating this great tool!

Christoph Schonfeld