Inorder to be able work on a subset of the rows in a query, Phoenix provides support for CURSOR control structure. The following sequence shows how to use cursor.

  1. Define cursor for a query using DECLARE statement

    PreparedStatement statement = conn.prepareStatement("DECLARE empCursor CURSOR FOR SELECT * FROM EMP_TABLE");
  2. Open the cursor

    statement = con.prepareStatement("OPEN empCursor");
  3. Fetch subset of rows to work with

    statement = con.prepareStatement("FETCH NEXT 10 ROWS FROM empCursor"); 
    ResultSet rset = statement.execute();
  4. Iterate through the subset of rows and process them as required

    while ( != null){
  5. Fetch additional set of rows to process and finally close the cursor when done

    statement = con.prepareStatement(“CLOSE empCursor");

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