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Planning Documentation



This is a collection of notes to assist with long-term planning and development.

There is much discussion of issues and research topics (RT) threads on the dev mailing list (and elsewhere). However, details get lost in the sheer volume. This is the place to document the summary of discussions on some key topics. Some new and complex capabilities will take lots of design and specification before they can be implemented.

Another use for this collection of notes is as a place to quickly store a snippet from an email discussion or even a link to a discussion thread. The concepts can then be fleshed-out over time.

Anyone can participate in this process. Please get involved in discussion on dev and contribute patches for these summary planning documents via the normal contribution process.

These planning documents are intended to be concise notes only. They are also ever-evolving, because as issues are addressed these notes will be revised.

Topics and Issues

by David Crossley, Nicola Ken Barozzi