2009/05/20 - Apache Shale has been retired.

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Shale Logo Contest

Logo Contest

The following images are all the entries that were submitted for the Shale logo contest. Please review and discuss these images on the Shale users list. The Shale PMC will call for an official vote on September 19, 2006 to determine the winner. Everyone is welcome to vote, however, only binding votes will be used to determine the winner.

For accuracy, submitted votes should follow the following format:

				Shale logo contest vote:
					1st choice: # {Entry #}
					2nd choice: # {Entry #}
					3rd choice: # {Entry #}
					4th choice: # {Entry #}
					5th choice: # {Entry #}
Votes will be assigned a value based on rank. For each vote, 1st choice has a value of 5, 5th place has a value of 1, and all others follow a similar pattern. All votes will be accumulated and the author of the winning logo will be asked to submit a Contributor License Agreement.

The process whereby CLAs are submitted and recorded by the ASF is not an exact science. Since we are all volunteers, we can only hope that the process will happen quickly. Once the CLA has been recorded, the prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners will be given out. The prize pack for each winner has not been finalized and will be announced at a later date.

Again, the Apache Shale PMC would like to thank each and every author who has submitted logos for this contest. We really appreciate your efforts. Good luck!!

Entry # Author Contact Large Image Small Image
1 Dennis Byrne dennisbyrne@apache.org shale_dennisbyrne.jpg TODO
2 Jacob Hookom jhook@apache.org shale01_lg_jhook.gif shale01_sm_jhook.gif
3 Jacob Hookom jhook@apache.org shale03_lg_jhook.gif shale03_sm_jhook.gif
4 Jacob Hookom jhook@apache.org shale04_lg_jhook.gif shale04_sm_jhook.gif
5 Stephan Opitz stephan.opitz@gmail.com shale_pyramid.gif shale_pyramid_pow.gif
6 Stephan Opitz stephan.opitz@gmail.com shale_nature.gif shale_nature_pow.gif
7 Stephan Opitz stephan.opitz@gmail.com shale_nature_2.gif shale_nature_pow_2.gif
8 Ransford Segu-Baffoe paksegu@yahoo.com shalepaksegu.gif
9 ugodiggi ugodiggi@_g_m_a_i_l_.com Shale_large_udg.png Shale_power_udg.png
10 Michael Ameduri ammo8@rochester.rr.com a-peak_master.jpg a-peak_power.jpg
11 Michael Ameduri ammo8@rochester.rr.com blocks_master.jpg blocks_power.jpg
12 Michael Ameduri ammo8@rochester.rr.com blue_peaks_master.jpg blue_peaks_power.jpg
13 Michael Ameduri ammo8@rochester.rr.com coca_cola_shale_master.jpg coca_cola_shale_power.jpg
14 Michael Ameduri ammo8@rochester.rr.com copper_shale_master.jpg copper_shale_power.jpg
15 Michael Ameduri ammo8@rochester.rr.com orange_panels_master.jpg orange_panels_power.jpg
16 Michael Ameduri ammo8@rochester.rr.com orange_sphere_master.jpg orange_sphere_power.jpg
17 Michael Ameduri ammo8@rochester.rr.com copper_shale_master.jpg copper_shale_power.jpg
18 Michael Ameduri ammo8@rochester.rr.com orange_wave_master.jpg orange_wave_power.jpg
19 Michael Ameduri ammo8@rochester.rr.com pepsi_style_master.jpg pepsi_style_power.jpg
20 Michael Ameduri ammo8@rochester.rr.com rainbow_master.jpg rainbow_power.jpg
21 Michael Ameduri ammo8@rochester.rr.com swiss_master.jpg swiss_power.jpg
22 Agharta agharta@interfree.it shaleAgharta1.png shaleAgharta2.png
23 Allistair Crossley info@adcworks.com ACShale.gif ACPBShale.gif
24 Arun Sreedharan profiles_arun@yahoo.co.in aksSHALE_mst.gif aksSHALE_pb.gif
25 Andrei Dragomir andrei@codra.ro apacheshale_ro_buc.jpg poweredbyapacheshale_ro_buc.jpg
26 Mihai Copae mihai.copae@gmail.com mihai_copae_logo.jpg mihai_copae_powered.jpg
27 Michael Ameduri ammo8@rochester.rr.com 6balls.jpg powered6balls.jpg
28 Michael Ameduri ammo8@rochester.rr.com bic.jpg poweredbic.jpg
29 Michael Ameduri ammo8@rochester.rr.com rocky.jpg poweredrocky.jpg
30 Michael Ameduri ammo8@rochester.rr.com star.jpg poweredstar.jpg
31 Michael Ameduri ammo8@rochester.rr.com wolf.jpg poweredwolf.jpg
32 Rajen Pulai rajen.pulai@gmail.com ApacheShaleLogo_Rpulai.jpg Pwredby_ApacheShaleLogo_Rpulai.jpg
33 Connor Garvey mrsqueezles@gmail.com shale_engraved.png shale_engraved_powered.png
34 Connor Garvey mrsqueezles@gmail.com Shale-3D.png Powered-by-Shale-3D.png
35 Gulam Patel (Mikael) mail.micke@gmail.com shale_A.jpg shale_A_1.jpg
36 Gulam Patel (Mikael) mail.micke@gmail.com shale_B.jpg shale_B_1.jpg
37 Gulam Patel (Mikael) mail.micke@gmail.com shale_C.jpg shale_C_1.jpg
38 Gulam Patel (Mikael) mail.micke@gmail.com shale_D.jpg shale_D_1.jpg
39 J. Klouda jklouda@biohazardag.com jk_sh_hex.jpg jk_sh_hex_pbcut.jpg
40 D. Kolarova daniela.kolarova@gmail.com ShaleSilver.jpg ShaleSilverPoweredBy.jpg
41 D. Kolarova daniela.kolarova@gmail.com ShaleWhite.jpg ShaleWhitePoweredBy.jpg
42 D. Kolarova daniela.kolarova@gmail.com ShaleTextSpheres.jpg ShaleTextSpheresPoweredBy.jpg
43 D. Kolarova daniela.kolarova@gmail.com shale_faces.jpg shale_faces_poweredby.jpg
44 t. wakefield taraelbrader@gmail.com shalebird.jpg shalebirdpower.jpg
45 Connor Garvey mrsqueezles@gmail.com Simple-2.png Simple-2-Powered.png
46 Andrew Smith andrewsmithy@earthlink.net shale-basic.png shale-basic-poweredby.png
47 Andrew Smith andrewsmithy@earthlink.net shale-basic.2.png shale-basic-poweredby.2.png
48 Randahl Isaksen randahl@rockit.dk ri-shale.png ri-shale-powered.png
49 Michael Ameduri ammo8@rochester.rr.com blackglossy.jpg blackglossy-power.jpg
50 Michael Ameduri ammo8@rochester.rr.com steel-bar.jpg steel-bar-power.jpg
51 Michael Ameduri ammo8@rochester.rr.com purple-star.jpg purple-star-powered.jpg
52 Karolina Gorska gorskak7@yahoo.com Shale_eye.jpg Shale_eye_power.jpg
53 Karolina Gorska gorskak7@yahoo.com Shale_point.jpg Shale_point_power.jpg
54 Pakcik Kantin sronic22@yahoo.com pakcik-shale-big-1.gif pakcik-shale-small-1.gif
55 Gemmy Fang gemmyfang@hotmail.com gemmyfang_shale_logo.gif gemmyfang_power_by_shale.gif
56 Chris Schaer kriegel@webdevil.ch webdevil_shale.gif webdevil_powered.gif
57 M.J. DeSantis desantism@gmail.com shale_wave.gif shale_wave_powered.gif
58 M.J. DeSantis desantism@gmail.com shale_wave2.gif shale_wave_powered.gif
59 Wang Jianbin james05y@gmail.com F__document_PhotoShop_shale_james.jpg F__document_PhotoShop_power_shale_james.jpg
60 Wang Jianbin james05y@gmail.com shale_james_small.png shale_power_james_samll.png
61 Pakcik Kantin sronic22@yahoo.com apache-shale3.gif apache-shale3-small.gif
62 Wesley Hales wesleyhales@gmail.com shale1.jpg PBshale1.jpg
63 Wesley Hales wesleyhales@gmail.com WH_shale2.jpg WH_PBshale2.jpg
64 Wesley Hales wesleyhales@gmail.com WH_shale3.jpg WH_PBshale3.jpg
65 Wesley Hales wesleyhales@gmail.com WH_shale4.jpg WH_PBshale4.jpg
66 Nik Wahlberg nwahlberg@gmail.com nw_shale_logo.gif nw_shale_logo_pb.gif
67 JSchmidt joesmither@gmail.com jSchmidt_shale_logo.jpg jSchmidt_shale_powered.jpg
68 Aide Chang mydesignjob@gmail.com shale_deposits.jpg shale_depositsPW.jpg
69 Aide Chang mydesignjob@gmail.com shale_framework.jpg shale_frameworkPW.jpg
70 Aide Chang mydesignjob@gmail.com shale_underground.jpg shale_undergroundPW.jpg
71 Aide Chang mydesignjob@gmail.com shale_struts_shale.jpg shale_struts_shalePW.jpg
72 Aide Chang mydesignjob@gmail.com shale_overground.jpg shale_overgroundPW.jpg
73 Coco cocodesigner@yahoo.com coco1.gif coco11.gif
74 Coco cocodesigner@yahoo.com coco2.gif coco21.gif
75 Coco cocodesigner@yahoo.com coco3.gif coco31.gif
76 Coco cocodesigner@yahoo.com coco4.gif coco41.gif
77 Santy santy99@gmail.com santy_shalelogo1.jpg santy_shalelogopowered1.jpg
78 Binfel binfel.sd@gmail.com logo-shale2.gif logo-shale-powered.gif
79 TriSeprian tsepriand@yahoo.com seprian_shale1.jpg seprian_shale1_pow.jpg
80 PRathore porus.rathore@gmail.com logo_p.jpg powered_logo_p.jpg
81 Walied Amer walied@nextwaveco.com walied01.jpg walied01_powered.jpg
82 Walied Amer walied@nextwaveco.com walied02.jpg walied02_powered.jpg
83 Walied Amer walied@nextwaveco.com walied03.jpg walied03_powered.jpg
84 Walied Amer walied@nextwaveco.com walied04.jpg walied04_powered.jpg
85 Daniel Yang daniel.jp.yang@gmail.com individual_2.jpg individual_2PW.jpg
86 Daniel Yang daniel.jp.yang@gmail.com individual.jpg individualPW.jpg
87 Daniel Yang daniel.jp.yang@gmail.com LogoS.jpg LogoS_PW.jpg
88 Daniel Yang daniel.jp.yang@gmail.com LogoS_2.jpg LogoS_2PW.jpg
89 Daniel Yang daniel.jp.yang@gmail.com underground_2.jpg underground_2PW.jpg
90 Norbert Busch buschwerck@web.de shale_logo_bschwck_2.gif shale_poweredby_bschwrck2.gif
91 Gouthaman Ilangovan i.goutham@gmail.com Goutham-Apache-Shale-V1.jpg Goutham-Apache-Shale-V1-PoweredBy.jpg
92 Youssef Elhafyani elhafyani4@gmail.com golden_apache.jpg golden_apache_powered.jpg
93 Michael Ameduri ammo8@rochester.rr.com s_wire_ball.jpg s_wire_ball_power.jpg
94 Michael Ameduri ammo8@rochester.rr.com s_logo.jpg s_logo.jpg
95 TriSeprian tsepriand@yahoo.com seprian_shale2.jpg seprian_shale3.jpg seprian_shale2_pow.jpg seprian_shale3_pow.jpg
96 TriSeprian tsepriand@yahoo.com seprian_shale4.jpg seprian_shale4_pow.jpg