Project Modules

This project has declared the following modules:

Apache Synapse - Secure VaultApache Synapse - Secure vault
Apache Synapse - Commons classesApache Synapse - Commons classes
Apache Synapse - TransportsApache Synapse - Transports
Apache Synapse - Tasks classesApache Synapse - Tasks classes
Apache Synapse - CoreApache Synapse - Core
Apache Synapse - ExtensionsApache Synapse - Extensions
Apache Synapse - SamplesApache Synapse - Samples
Apache Synapse - PatchesAutomatically generates patches for dependencies of Synapse. The required source code should be included with a dependency to the original dependency. It also attaches a ZIP file with the individual JAR files.
Apache Synapse - Web ApplicationApache Synapse - Web Application
Apache Synapse - Handler ModuleApache Synapse - Handler Module
Apache Synapse - XAR Maven PluginMaven 2 plugin to create Synapse extension archives
Apache Synapse - Experimental codeApache Synapse - Experimental code (use at your own risk!)
Apache Synapse - Configuration MigratorApache Synapse - Configuration migrator to migrate the 1.x configuration into a 2.x compatible version
Apache Synapse - DistributionApache Synapse - Distribution
Apache Synapse - Package skeleton ZIPThe package skeleton ZIP contains all the required scripts, native libraries and default configuration files to run Synapse. It can be used as a basis to bundle a mediation into a standalone distribution ready to be executed.
Apache Synapse - Package archetypeThis archetype can be used to create Maven projects that bundle a mediation into a standalone distribution ready to be executed
Apache Synapse - IntegrationApache Synapse - Sample Automation Framework