Class MiscOLEDetector

All Implemented Interfaces:
Serializable, Detector

public class MiscOLEDetector extends Object implements Detector
A detector that works on a POIFS OLE2 document to figure out exactly what the file is. This should work for all OLE2 documents, whether they are ones supported by POI or not.
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  • Field Details

    • OLE

      public static final MediaType OLE
      The OLE base file format
    • HWP

      public static final MediaType HWP
      Hangul Word Processor (Korean)

      public static final MediaType QUATTROPRO
      Base QuattroPro mime
  • Constructor Details

    • MiscOLEDetector

      public MiscOLEDetector()
  • Method Details

    • detect

      protected static MediaType detect(Set<String> names)
      Use detect(Set, DirectoryEntry) and pass the root entry of the filesystem whose type is to be detected, as a second argument.
      Internal detection of the specific kind of OLE2 document, based on the names of the top level streams within the file.
    • detect

      protected static MediaType detect(Set<String> names, org.apache.poi.poifs.filesystem.DirectoryEntry root)
      Internal detection of the specific kind of OLE2 document, based on the names of the top-level streams within the file. In some cases the detection may need access to the root DirectoryEntry of that file for best results. The entry can be given as a second, optional argument.
      names -
      root -
    • setMarkLimit

      public void setMarkLimit(int markLimit)
      If a TikaInputStream is passed in to detect(InputStream, Metadata), and there is not an underlying file, this detector will spool up to markLimit to disk. If the stream was read in entirety (e.g. the spooled file is not truncated), this detector will open the file with POI and perform detection. If the spooled file is truncated, the detector will return OLE (or MediaType.OCTET_STREAM if there's no OLE header).

      As of Tika 1.21, this detector respects the legacy behavior of not performing detection on a non-TikaInputStream.

      markLimit -
    • detect

      public MediaType detect(InputStream input, Metadata metadata) throws IOException
      Description copied from interface: Detector
      Detects the content type of the given input document. Returns application/octet-stream if the type of the document can not be detected.

      If the document input stream is not available, then the first argument may be null. Otherwise the detector may read bytes from the start of the stream to help in type detection. The given stream is guaranteed to support the mark feature and the detector is expected to mark the stream before reading any bytes from it, and to reset the stream before returning. The stream must not be closed by the detector.

      The given input metadata is only read, not modified, by the detector.

      Specified by:
      detect in interface Detector
      input - document input stream, or null
      metadata - input metadata for the document
      detected media type, or application/octet-stream
      IOException - if the document input stream could not be read