Class OpenNLPDetector


public class OpenNLPDetector extends LanguageDetector

This is based on OpenNLP's language detector. However, we've built our own ProbingLanguageDetector and our own language models.

To build our model, we followed OpenNLP's lead by using the (Leipzig corpus) as gathered and preprocessed ( big-data corpus ). We removed azj, plt, sun and zsm because our models couldn't sufficiently well distinguish them from related languages. We removed cmn in favor of the finer-grained zho-trad and zho-simp.

We then added the following languages from cc-100: ben-rom (Bengali Romanized), ful, gla, gug, hau, hin-rom, ibo, ful, linm mya-zaw, nso, orm, quz, roh, srd, ssw, tam-rom, tel-rom, tsn, urd-rom, wol, yor.

We ran our own train/devtest/test code because OpenNLPs required more sentences/data than were available for some languages.

Please open an issue on our JIRA if we made mistakes and/or had misunderstandings in our design choices or if you need to have other languages added.

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