Class GeoPointMetadataFilter

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public class GeoPointMetadataFilter extends MetadataFilter
If Metadata contains a TikaCoreProperties.LATITUDE and a TikaCoreProperties.LONGITUDE, this filter concatenates those with a comma in the order LATITUDE,LONGITUDE. If you need any other mappings, please open a ticket on our JIRA.
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  • Constructor Details

    • GeoPointMetadataFilter

      public GeoPointMetadataFilter()
  • Method Details

    • setGeoPointFieldName

      @Field public void setGeoPointFieldName(String geoPointFieldName)
      Set the field for the concatenated LATITUDE,LONGITUDE string. The default if &dquot;location&dquot;
      geoPointFieldName - field name to use for the geopoint field
    • filter

      public void filter(Metadata metadata) throws TikaException
      Specified by:
      filter in class MetadataFilter