Class ListManager


public class ListManager extends AbstractListManager
Computes the number text which goes at the beginning of each list paragraph

Note: This class only handles the raw number text and does not apply any further formatting as described in [MS-DOC], v20140721,, Part 3 to it.

Note 2: The tplc, a visual override for the appearance of list levels, as defined in [MS-DOC], v20140721, 2.9.328 is not taken care of in this class.

Further, this class does not yet handle overrides

  • Constructor Details

    • ListManager

      public ListManager(org.apache.poi.hwpf.HWPFDocument document)
      Ordinary constructor for a new list reader
      document - Document to process
  • Method Details

    • getFormattedNumber

      public String getFormattedNumber(org.apache.poi.hwpf.usermodel.Paragraph paragraph)
      Get the formatted number for a given paragraph

      Note: This only works correctly if called subsequently for all paragraphs in a valid selection (main document, text field, ...) which are part of a list .

      paragraph - list paragraph to process
      String which represents the numbering of this list paragraph; never null, can be empty string, though, if something goes wrong in getList()
      IllegalArgumentException - If the given paragraph is null or is not part of a list