Class EmbeddedPartMetadata


public class EmbeddedPartMetadata extends Object
This class records metadata about embedded parts that exists in the xml of the main document.
  • Constructor Details

    • EmbeddedPartMetadata

      public EmbeddedPartMetadata(String emfRelationshipId)
      emfRelationshipId - relationship id of the EMF file
  • Method Details

    • getEmfRelationshipId

      public String getEmfRelationshipId()
    • getRenderedName

      public String getRenderedName()
    • getFullName

      public String getFullName()
    • getProgId

      public String getProgId()
    • setRenderedName

      public void setRenderedName(String renderedName)
    • setFullName

      public void setFullName(String fullName)
    • setProgId

      public void setProgId(String progId)