Interface ID3Tags

All Known Implementing Classes:
CompositeTagHandler, ID3v1Handler, ID3v22Handler, ID3v23Handler, ID3v24Handler

public interface ID3Tags
Interface that defines the common interface for ID3 tag parsers, such as ID3v1 and ID3v2.3. Implementations should return NULL if the file lacks a given tag, or if the tag isn't defined for the version.

Note that so far, only the ID3v1 core tags are listed here. In future, we may wish to add more to cover the extra tags that our ID3v2 handlers can produce.

  • Field Details

  • Method Details

    • getTagsPresent

      boolean getTagsPresent()
      Does the file contain this kind of tags?
    • getTitle

      String getTitle()
    • getArtist

      String getArtist()
      The Artist for the track
    • getAlbumArtist

      String getAlbumArtist()
      The Artist for the overall album / compilation of albums
    • getAlbum

      String getAlbum()
    • getComposer

      String getComposer()
    • getCompilation

      String getCompilation()
    • getComments

      List<ID3Tags.ID3Comment> getComments()
      Retrieves the comments, if any. Files may have more than one comment, but normally only one with any language/description pair.
    • getGenre

      String getGenre()
    • getYear

      String getYear()
    • getTrackNumber

      String getTrackNumber()
      The number of the track within the album / recording
    • getDisc

      String getDisc()
      The number of the disc this belongs to, within the set