Class PDFParserConfig.OCRStrategyAuto

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public static class PDFParserConfig.OCRStrategyAuto extends Object implements Serializable
Encapsulate the numbers used to control OCR Strategy when set to auto

If the total characters on the page < this.totalCharsPerPage or total unmapped unicode characters on the page > this.unmappedUnicodeCharsPerPage then we will perform OCR on the page

If unamppedUnicodeCharsPerPage is an integer > 0, then we compare absolute number of characters. If it is a float < 1, then we assume it is a percentage and we compare it to the percentage of unmappedCharactersPerPage/totalCharsPerPage

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  • Constructor Details

    • OCRStrategyAuto

      public OCRStrategyAuto(float unmappedUnicodeCharsPerPage, int totalCharsPerPage)
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    • getUnmappedUnicodeCharsPerPage

      public float getUnmappedUnicodeCharsPerPage()
    • getTotalCharsPerPage

      public int getTotalCharsPerPage()
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      public String toString()
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