Class XMPPacketScanner


public class XMPPacketScanner extends Object
This class is a parser for XMP packets. By default, it tries to locate the first XMP packet it finds and parses it.

Important: Before you use this class to look for an XMP packet in some random file, please read the chapter on "Scanning Files for XMP Packets" in the XMP specification!

Thic class was branched from XMPPacketParser. See also org.semanticdesktop.aperture.extractor.xmp.XMPExtractor, a variant.

  • Constructor Details

    • XMPPacketScanner

      public XMPPacketScanner()
  • Method Details

    • parse

      public boolean parse(InputStream in, OutputStream xmlOut) throws IOException
      Locates an XMP packet in a stream, parses it and returns the XMP metadata. If no XMP packet is found until the stream ends, null is returned. Note: This method only finds the first XMP packet in a stream. And it cannot determine whether it has found the right XMP packet if there are multiple packets.

      Does not close the stream. If XMP block was found reading can continue below the block.

      in - the InputStream to search
      xmlOut - to write the XMP packet to
      true if XMP packet is found, false otherwise
      IOException - if an I/O error occurs
      TransformerException - if an error occurs while parsing the XMP packet