Class PipesConfigBase

Direct Known Subclasses:
AsyncConfig, PipesConfig

public class PipesConfigBase extends ConfigBase
  • Field Details


      public static final long DEFAULT_MAX_FOR_EMIT_BATCH
      default size to send back to the PipesClient for batch emitting. If an extract is larger than this, it will be emitted directly from the forked PipesServer.
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      public static final long DEFAULT_TIMEOUT_MILLIS
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      public static final long DEFAULT_STARTUP_TIMEOUT_MILLIS
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      public static final long DEFAULT_SHUTDOWN_CLIENT_AFTER_MILLS
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      public static final int DEFAULT_NUM_CLIENTS
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      public static final int DEFAULT_MAX_FILES_PROCESSED_PER_PROCESS
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  • Constructor Details

    • PipesConfigBase

      public PipesConfigBase()
  • Method Details

    • getTimeoutMillis

      public long getTimeoutMillis()
    • setTimeoutMillis

      public void setTimeoutMillis(long timeoutMillis)
      How long to wait in milliseconds before timing out the forked process.
      timeoutMillis -
    • getShutdownClientAfterMillis

      public long getShutdownClientAfterMillis()
    • setShutdownClientAfterMillis

      public void setShutdownClientAfterMillis(long shutdownClientAfterMillis)
      If the client has been inactive after this many milliseconds, shut it down.
      shutdownClientAfterMillis -
    • getNumClients

      public int getNumClients()
    • setNumClients

      public void setNumClients(int numClients)
    • getForkedJvmArgs

      public List<String> getForkedJvmArgs()
    • setStartupTimeoutMillis

      public void setStartupTimeoutMillis(long startupTimeoutMillis)
    • setForkedJvmArgs

      public void setForkedJvmArgs(List<String> jvmArgs)
    • getMaxFilesProcessedPerProcess

      public int getMaxFilesProcessedPerProcess()
      Restart the forked PipesServer after it has processed this many files to avoid slow-building memory leaks.
    • setMaxFilesProcessedPerProcess

      public void setMaxFilesProcessedPerProcess(int maxFilesProcessedPerProcess)
    • getTikaConfig

      public Path getTikaConfig()
    • setTikaConfig

      public void setTikaConfig(Path tikaConfig)
    • setTikaConfig

      public void setTikaConfig(String tikaConfig)
    • getJavaPath

      public String getJavaPath()
    • setJavaPath

      public void setJavaPath(String javaPath)
    • getStartupTimeoutMillis

      public long getStartupTimeoutMillis()
    • getMaxForEmitBatchBytes

      public long getMaxForEmitBatchBytes()
      What is the maximum bytes size per extract that will be allowed to be shipped back to the emit queue in the forking process. If an extract is too big, skip the emit queue and forward it directly from the forked PipesServer. If set to 0, this will never send an extract back for batch emitting, but will always emit the extract directly from the forked PipeServer. If set to -1, this will always send the extract back for batch emitting.
      the threshold extract size at which to emit directly from the forked PipeServer
    • setMaxForEmitBatchBytes

      public void setMaxForEmitBatchBytes(long maxForEmitBatchBytes)
    • getSleepOnStartupTimeoutMillis

      public long getSleepOnStartupTimeoutMillis()
    • setSleepOnStartupTimeoutMillis

      public void setSleepOnStartupTimeoutMillis(long sleepOnStartupTimeoutMillis)