Class FileSystemEmitter

All Implemented Interfaces:
Emitter, StreamEmitter

public class FileSystemEmitter extends AbstractEmitter implements StreamEmitter
Emitter to write to a file system.

This calculates the path to write to based on the basePath and the value of the TikaCoreProperties.SOURCE_PATH value.

          <emitter class="org.apache.tika.pipes.emitter.fs.FileSystemEmitter>
                  <!-- required -->
                  <param name="name" type="string">fs</param>
                  <!-- required -->
                  <param name="basePath" type="string">/path/to/output</param>
                  <!-- optional; default is 'json' -->
                  <param name="fileExtension" type="string">json</param>
                  <!-- optional; if the file already exists,
                       options ('skip', 'replace', 'exception')
                  default is 'exception' -->
                  <param name="onExists" type="string">skip</param>
                  <!-- optional; whether or not to pretty print the output
                      default is false -->
                     <param name="prettyPrint" type="boolean">true</param>