Class ElementMappingContentHandler.TargetElement

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public static class ElementMappingContentHandler.TargetElement extends Object
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    • TargetElement

      public TargetElement(QName mappedTagName, Map<QName,QName> attributesMapping)
      Creates an TargetElement, attributes of this element will be mapped as specified
    • TargetElement

      public TargetElement(String mappedTagURI, String mappedTagLocalName, Map<QName,QName> attributesMapping)
      A shortcut that automatically creates the QName object
    • TargetElement

      public TargetElement(QName mappedTagName)
      Creates an TargetElement with no attributes, all attributes will be deleted from SAX stream
    • TargetElement

      public TargetElement(String mappedTagURI, String mappedTagLocalName)
      A shortcut that automatically creates the QName object
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