Apache Tika 2.9.1

The most notable changes in Tika 2.9.1 over the previous release are:

  • Improve RFC822 detection (TIKA-4153).
  • Enable configuration of "maxJsonStringFieldLength" in TikaConfig to allow users to avoid DEFAULT_MAX_STRING_LEN exceptions from Jackson (TIKA-4154).
  • Fix bug in DateUtils that stripped timezone information from incoming Calendar objects (TIKA-4126).

The following people have contributed to Tika 2.9.1 by submitting or commenting on the issues resolved in this release:

  • Patrick Dalla Bernardina
  • Sandeep Kulkarni
  • Tilman Hausherr
  • Tim Allison
  • Tim Barrett

See https://s.apache.org/6wawi for more details on these contributions.