Apache Tomcat® 10.1.26 API

This package contains a set of Task implementations for Ant (version 1.6.x or later) that can be used to interact with the Manager application to deploy, undeploy, list, reload, start and stop web applications from a running instance of Tomcat.
This package contains a set of JMX Task implementations for Ant (version 1.6 or later) that can be used to interact with the Remote JMX JSR 160 RMI Adaptor to get/set attributes, invoke MBean operations and query for Mbeans inside a running instance of Tomcat.
This package contains Authenticator implementations for the various supported authentication methods (BASIC, DIGEST, and FORM).
This package contains code for Clustering, the base class of a Cluster is org.apache.catalina.Cluster implementations of this class is done when implementing a new Cluster protocol
This package contains Realm implementations for the various supported realm technologies for authenticating users and identifying their associated roles.
This package contains Servlets that implement some of the standard functionality provided by the Catalina servlet container.
This package contains the standard Manager and Session implementations that represent the collection of active sessions and the individual sessions themselves, respectively, that are associated with a Context.
This package contains code that is used by the SsiInvoker.
This package contains a variety of small Valve implementations that do not warrant being packaged separately.
This package contains a memory based naming service provider.
This package contains object factories used by the naming service.
This package contains the URL context factory for the "java" namespace.
Database Connection Pool API.
This package contains one public class which is a ConnectionPoolDataSource (CPDS) implementation that can be used to adapt older Driver based JDBC implementations.
This package contains two DataSources: PerUserPoolDataSource and SharedPoolDataSource which provide a database connection pool.
This package provides support for pooling of ManagedConnections.
Basic classes for the Apache Byte Code Engineering Library (BCEL) and constants defined by the JVM specification.
Classes that describe the structure of a Java class file and a class file parser.
Buffers and Encodings
Base64 String encoding and decoding.
Package containing a Java model of the XML for a Tag Library Descriptor.
This package contains Java objects that represent complex data structures from the web application deployment descriptor file (web.xml).
The Digester package provides for rules-based processing of arbitrary XML documents.
This package contains utility classes for file handling.
Special utils for handling HTTP-specific entities - headers, parameters, cookies, etc.
NOTE: This code has been copied from commons-fileupload trunk 1.3 and commons-io 1.4 and package renamed to avoid clashes with any web apps that may wish to use these libraries.
A disk-based implementation of the FileItem interface.
Implementations and exceptions utils.
An implementation of FileUpload for use in servlets conforming to JSR 53.
This package contains various IO related utility classes or methods, which are basically reusable and not necessarily restricted to the scope of a file upload.
MIME decoder implementation, imported and retailed from Apache Geronimo.
The Modeler component of the Commons project offers convenient support for configuring and instantiating Model MBeans (management beans), as described in the JMX Specification.
Implementation classes - should not be used directly.
This package contains the common classes used to perform configuration scanning for Catalina and Jasper.
This package provides the necessary plumbing to convert an annotated POJO into a WebSocket Endpoint.
Server-side specific implementation classes.