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(3rd May 2007) This pages and the pages hung off it describe the creation of the module which supports the Spring Component Type that I am working on for a demo. This might be useful to anyone looking to build their own Component Type implementation.


Order Work Item
implementation-spring module created

org.apache.tuscany.implementation.spring package
1 Created ModuleActivator file
2 Create SpringModuleActivator class  
Create SpringArtifactProcessor class
Reads the implementation.spring xml
- one required attribute = location, which specifies the location of the Spring application context
Creates the implementationSpring instance
Initiates resolution of the componentType of the Spring application context

ModuleActivator file

Placed into the resources/META-INF/services directory:

# Implementation class for the ExtensionActivator

Resolution of the ComponentType of Spring application context

ComponentType of the Spring application-context is performed by reading the application-context.xml file and by introspecting the Java beans which it references. 

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