2016/05/28 - Apache Tuscany has been retired.

For more information, please explore the Attic.

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The RDB DAS Java Incubating-M1 was released in June 2006.

  • DAS Core Features
    • RDB CRUD operations in terms of SDO DataObjects
    • Optimistic concurrency control
    • Generated database IDs
    • Stored procedures
    • Paging API
    • 1..1 and 1..n relationships
    • Partial row updates

 This release comprises a single package containing SCA, SDO and DAS.

RDB DAS Java Incubating-M1


Type Description File
Binary Tuscany M1 DAS tuscany-incubating-M1.zip MD5     PGP
Source Tuscany M1 DAS tuscany-incubating-M1-src.zip MD5     PGP


Type Description
Source Tuscany M1 DAS tuscany-incubating-M1-src.tar.gz MD5     PGP
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