2016/05/28 - Apache Tuscany has been retired.

For more information, please explore the Attic.

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Tuscany Extensions

Type Release Introduced OASIS Spec Status Description
implementation.java 2.0-M1 Pass Stable Support for SCA components implemented with Java classes
implementation.spring 2.0-M3   ? Support for Spring Framework
implementation.bpel 2.0-M1   Stable Support for components implemented in BPEL
implementation.osgi   N/A Stable Support for osgi
implementation.widget   N/A Work in progress  
implementation.web 2.0-M4
  ? Support JEE web apps as implementation types
binding.ws 2.0-M1   Stable SOAP/HTTP web services
binding.rmi 2.0-M1   Stable The Java RMI protocol
binding.jms 2.0-M4
  ? Asynchronous JMS messaging
binding.ejb 2.0-M4
  ? EJB Binding
binding.http 2.0-M4   ? Supports binding of methods over standard Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP), allowing you to create, retrieve, update, delete items. Also supports conditional creates, retrieves, updates, and deletes using the ETag and LastModified caching protocol described in HTTP.
binding.jsonp ? N/A ? The JSON protocol over HTTP
binding.jsonrpc 2.0-M4 N/A Stable The JSON-RPC protocol
binding.atom 2.0-M4 N/A Stable supports Atom-publishing protocol, allowing you to create, retrieve, update, delete Atom entries
databinding-axiom ? N/A Stable Support for AXIOM data binding
databinding-jaxb ? N/A Stable Support for JAXB data binding
databinding-json 2.0-M4
N/A Stable Support for JSON data binding
interface-java 2.0-M1   Stable Interfaces described with java interfaces
interface.wsdl 2.0-M1   Stable Interfaces described with WSDL definitions
http-jetty 2.0-M2
N/A Stable The integration between Tuscany and the Jetty web container
definitions.xml 2.0-M4
  Work in Progress Defined intents, policy sets and binding defaults
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