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Next Java SCA Release Contents

This page outlines the features being planned for the next Java SCA release.

The next release is targted for mid May 2007. A focus will be on the stability and consumability for the runtime core functions

Working on

  • tidy up runtime after all the recent rewrite/refactors
    • Composite component wiring and promotion hierarchy (jsdelfino)
    • Package/Class naming consistency across modules
      • rename the core-spi package (Venkat)
    • Package dependencies
    • Setting data bindings on interfaces
      • using the contribution service to remove the need of import.sdo (rfeng)
    • Type scoping and contexts
  • define a clear set of runtime and extension APIs which we can keep stable over future releases
    • working out the invocation chain based on the new SPIs (rfeng)
    • refactor extensions (Java, script, axis2, rmi etc) to use new SPIs
  • logging stratergy and better error reporting
    • in the assembly model (jsdelfino)
    • in the contribution service (lresende)
  • manage lifecycle
  • Tomcat and Jetty http
    • which port to start an http connector
  • work on a Domain concept (drops out of this releases)
  • better integration with App Servers
  • web app support including tomcat deep integration
  • Java components
  • script components (JavaScript/JRuby/Jython/...?)
  • Axis2 Web service binding
  • what samples?
    • a web app sample (lresende)
    • a script language sample
    • das-service sample
    • example Ant build script for sample (slaws)
  • decide on distributions, create build scripts (ant, and...?)
    • try out the distributions (slaws, and...?)
  • good documentation for all the above on the website
    • Start of user guide - Haleh
    • Extension developers guide (once we've sorted out the SPIs) - (ant, and...?)
    • What else?

Already in the trunk and will be included in the release

What is new over M2 Release? Things that have been worked on already?

  • Improved databinding
  • Contribution Services
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