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RDB DAS Java beta1-incubating

RDB DAS Java beta1-incubating was released in June 2007.

This release represents a significant milestone on the road to Apache Tuscany DAS 1.0 release.

  • DAS Core features
    • Optimisc concurrency control
    • Default OCC policy (all OCC-capable fileds used in overquaified "where") (TUSCANY-866)
    • DAS Configuration supports ConnectionInfo for J2SE environment (TUSCANY-948)
    • DAS supports queries that reference tables in multiple schema (TUSCANY-952)
  • DAS Samples
    • Creation and initialization of database for DAS samples (TUSCANY-863)
    • Sample with Advanced DAS features Demo (TUSCANY-800)
    • Sample with J2SE application using DAS (samples/customer)
  • Documentation
    • More sections added to DAS User's Guide
    • Javadoc available
    • Added FAQs
    • Added "Starting with DAS" Guide to help user get started with using different DAS features
    • Added DAS Architecture Guide

For full detail about the release see the RELEASE_NOTES and CHANGES files.


Linux / Mac OS X / Unix

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