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This page describes the implementation of the SCA Event Processing Model which is contained in the sandbox/event directory of Tuscany.

The principle followed in the implementation is to reuse as much as possible of the existing Tuscany SCA Java infrastructure to produce a working prototype at minimal effort. It is unlikely that this implementation would be used for a full-blown implementation of Event Processing.

Implementing Producers, Consumers and their Links in the Assembly Layer

Implementing Producers, Consumers in the Java POJO implementation type

Work Items

Responsible Status
Create Consumer annotation
Rajini Sivaram
Done - 21/10/2008
Create Producer annotation
Rajini Sivaram
Done - 21/10/2008
Create EventType annotation Rajini Sivaram
Done - 21/10/2008
Create EventTypes annotation
Mike Edwards
Done - 28/10/2008
Create @eventType attribute for <consumer/> & <producer/>
elements in the sca-core.xsd
Mike Edwards
New - 27/10/2008
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