2016/05/28 - Apache Tuscany has been retired.

For more information, please explore the Attic.

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Tuscany provides the reference-side support for the SCA EJB Session Bean Binding V1.00. It allows SCA components to access existing stateless session beans.

The XML configutation

To access a stateless session, the uri attribute of the <binding.ejb> element needs to be be configured with a JNDI name.

<binding.ejb uri="corbaname:iiop:1.2@localhost:1050#BrokerServiceBean" /> 

Depending on which enviroment the SCA components are hosted, various styles of the JNDI names can be supported:

  • relative JNDI
  • java:comp/env/<ejb-ref>
  • corbaname JNDI

Some examples

<composite xmlns="http://www.osoa.org/xmlns/sca/1.0" name="account">
    <component name="AccountDataServiceComponent">
        <implementation.java class="bigbank.accountdata.AccountDataServiceImpl" /> 
        <reference name="brokerService">
            <binding.ejb uri="corbaname:iiop:1.2@localhost:1050#BrokerServiceBean" /> 

The open-ejb deployment descriptor

<openejb-jar xmlns="http://www.openejb.org/xml/ns/openejb-jar-2.1">
Integration with Geronimo 2.0.1
Make sure org.apache.geronimo.configs/openejb-corba-deployer/2.0-SNAPSHOT/car is started.
Look under System Modules in Admin Console. This module is required to support CORBA Naming.
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