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What is Service Data Object Community Test Suite (SDO CTS)?

The SDO CTS provides a set of test that exercise any SDO 2.1 implementation. The tests validate an SDO implementation behaves as expected, according to the community's understanding of the SDO specification.

The SDO CTS enables developers to choose or switch SDO implementations without the concern of having to re-code a significant proportion of their application due to differences between implementations. This community test suite is initially focues on areas seen as important to developers of SDO applications.

Over time this will grow to include a larger proportion of the SDO specification according to the community's desire. The SDO CTS does not claim to be a validation or compliancy suite, nor does it endorse any specific implementation.

If the SDO specification appears ambiguous or unclear then the community may decide what to do; it could decide to test the area with an agreed expected behaviour, or decide not to test this area. Ambiguities will be fed back to the specification group for clarification.

How to get involved?

SDO users feedback and involvement would be greatly appreciated. Tell us what is important to you, and if you can provide test cases.

Start by sending an email to the Tuscany Users <tuscany-user at ws.apache.org> mailing list, if possible add a [SDO CTS] at the start of the subject line to make it easier to spot.

If you already have suitable test cases that you'd like to contribute, then go ahead and open an improvement in our tracking system.

Obtaining and using the CTS

Currently the SDO CTS is only available in source form from the subversion repository. You will need the following:

The code can be down loaded from the subversion repository using :

svn co http://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/incubator/tuscany/java/cts/

The SDO CTS project currently contains two sub-projects:

  • cts/sdo2.1 contains the acutal test cases
  • cts/sdo2.1-tuscany executes the test cases against the current Tuscany Implementation

To build the CST and run it against the Tuscany implementation all you need do is:

me@mine:~$ cd cts
me@mine:~/cts$  mvn

If you would like to execute the SDO CTS against a different implementation then you will need to provide a helper class. For more info on this see the Contributing section.