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Information on how to work in open source

Purpose of this page is to help new users and developers feel comfortable with working in open source environment. This could be from the point of view of using the source code or understanding how open source works or understanding how to get more involved. Please feel free to contribute to the page or raise questions that are not answered.

Before we start, it is important to point out that Apache Open Source projects are open to all who want to participate. You do not need an invitation to get involved in a project. If you are interested in a project, just get involved! We, at Apache Tuscany, welcome your participation. We would like to help you come on board and the best way to make this happen is for you to let us know where you need help. Welcome and Let's start.

Learning Open Source
By the end of this presentation you will have a good understanding of the following:

  • Importance of Open Source
  • What is Open Source
  • Role of license and license types
  • Role of open source infrastructure and the different types
  • What is an open source community and why is it important

Getting Involved In Apache Projects
Many ask how do I get more involved in Apache Projects? By the end of this presentation you will have a good understanding of the following:

  • Apache Roles
  • What is the Apache Way
  • How to get involved

Working with Apache Tuscany
Now that you know how to work in open source, let's walk you through how to get more involved with Apache Tuscany. Please feel free to ask

  • Step by step how to guide for working with Apache Tuscany.
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