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The Apache Xerces™ Project - Community

Who We Are

The Apache Xerces™ Project operates on a meritocracy: the more you do, the more responsibility you can obtain. This page lists all of the people who have gone the extra mile and are Committers or members of the Project Management Committee. If you would like to get involved, the first step is to join the community mailing lists for the project(s) which interest you.

We ask that you please do not send us e-mails privately asking for support. We are non-paid volunteers who help out with the project and we do not necessarily have the time or energy to help people on an individual basis. Instead, we have set up mailing lists which often contain hundreds of individuals who will help answer detailed requests for help. The benefit of using mailing lists over private communication is that it is a shared resource where others can also learn from common mistakes and as a community we all grow together.

Apache Xerces™ Project - Project Management Committee (PMC)

If you need to get into contact with the Apache Xerces PMC and require confidentiality, send your mail to private@xerces.apache.org. Otherwise, please send your mail to general@xerces.apache.org. If you want to ask a question about one of the Xerces project's products, please send your mail to the respective user mailing list.

Apache Xerces™ Project - Committers

  • Neeraj Bajaj (Xerces Java)
  • James Berry (Xerces C++)
  • David Bertoni (Xerces C++)
  • Scott Cantor (Xerces C++)
  • David Cargill (Xerces C++)
  • Andy Clark (Xerces Java)
  • David Crossley (XML Commons)
  • Shane Curcuru (XML Commons)
  • Neil Delima (Xerces Java)
  • Mukul Gandhi (Xerces Java)
  • Sandy Gao (Xerces Java)
  • Michael Glavassevich (Xerces Java, XML Commons)
  • Neil Graham (Xerces C++, Xerces Java, XML Commons)
  • Hiranya Jayathilaka (Xerces Java)
  • Kohsuke Kawaguchi (Xerces Java)
  • Boris Kolpackov (Xerces C++)
  • Elena Litani (Xerces Java)
  • Jeremias Märki (XML Commons)
  • Alberto Massari (Xerces C++)
  • Cameron McCormack (XML Commons)
  • Peter McCracken (Xerces Java)
  • Khaled Noaman (Xerces C++, Xerces Java)
  • Ankit Pasricha (Xerces Java)
  • Vitaly Prapirny (Xerces C++)
  • Venugopal Rao K (Xerces Java)
  • Gareth Reakes (Xerces C++)
  • John Snelson (Xerces C++)
  • Jason Stewart (Xerces C++, Xerces Perl)
  • Norman Walsh (XML Commons)


Special thanks to Ashley Morgan for contributing the Xerces logo.